February 26th, 2009



This is just a teaser panel from a strip I submitted to the UK Webcomics Thing anthology. To read the whole story, I guess you'll just have to come along and pick up a copy... if it gets included. The theme is MARS and I chose to draw about Medication Administration Records aka MARS. I was told this was off topic and so may not be included, which is disappointing.

Update!: It turns out they hadn't read the first page of my submission, and so had missed the MARS references. Ah well, all is well now.

Everything seems to be taking me an age to do at the moment. This comic should have taken an evening but ended up taking three, and for no good reason. At the weekend we cooked tapas for stephs birthday and what should have taken hours to make seemed to take days. Still it was good food, paella, various tortillas, chorizo in red wine, salt cod fish cakes, deep fried manchego, chicken cooked in bay and white wine, patatas bravas etc...