April 16th, 2009


What's for lunch then?

Actually that was yesterday. Today I had lunch at moro. It was a two hour journey door to door, but it was lovely. I had the rabbit.

So what Have I been getting in the post recently? well, I'll tell you...

Three excellent issues of ellerbisms. It's a bloody brilliant diary comic by burnt_jamb. Plus Issue six of Jumbly Jumkery by wormulus, great stuff as usual. A lovely little mini from jimtyson. And finally a mix CD from Ian Carney. You know Ian, right? He wrote Sugar Buzz, and more recently an EMMY winning episode of Shaun The Sheep. (that link might not work outside the UK).

Nice to have some good stuff on my door mat instead of the usual bills.

volume one or volume two of my comic for sale or trade.