April 27th, 2009


suggestions please!

So, I'm trying to improve my comic drawing. And I need to look at more comics for inspiration. Currently I know pretty little. I read mostly alternative North American stuff from Top Shelf, Fantagraphics and Drawn and Quarterly. In the past I've read some 60's and 70's comix; Crumb, Bode and Shelton, but that's about it.

French and European Comics (apart from Asterix and Tintin) I know nothing about. Same goes for Manga (I've got one of the Akira books, that's all)

So I need some suggestions on stuff I should seek out. French and European stuff, Japanese, Sci-fi, Underground, Mainstream super-hero, children's illustrators... I need schooling really. What should I be looking at? what do you like? who are your favourites?

Also, Have you drawn one of harveyjames's girls yet? Here's mine...