Joe Decie (joedecie) wrote,
Joe Decie

Side B

So, this arrived in the post this morning. Everybody in the whole wide world knows about the Side B Anthology right? with it's 232 pages? and it's spot varnished cover by lucylou? and it's intro by royalboiler? and with amazing contributions by the likes of rainofbastards,boxbrown and joedecie? You knew about it right?

But what maybe you didn't know is that it's lovely and that you need it, and you can pre-order a copy today. In-fact by pre-ordering before May you'll be helping keep the alternative comics scene alive and kicking.

Also, It's about music, who doesn't like music? losers that's who.

It's been made by poisonrational and you could do a lot worse than clicking on the link below and checking out some preview pages. Or just take my word for it and rush to your local comic shop and ask them kindly to get in a whole heap of copies (Diamond Order Code APR090973)


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