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19 May 2011 @ 09:13 pm
Pages from a far away book  
Here's a thing. Whilst at TCAF I didn't really check the table plan, so had no idea that a lot of fine folks were gonna be there and subsequently missed out on some good books and or comic chit chat. It was only by chance, in the dying minutes of the festival that I saw Brandon Graham was tabling there. I'm a big fan of Brandon's work and I'm sure you are too. I enjoy his drawing style, his word play and his excellent story telling. So I was really very happy when he pulled a page from his sketch book to give me. I protested, as the OCD in me didn't like the idea of that page being away from it's friends, but it's safe in it's new home now anyways.

You can buy Brandon's comics in all good comic shops, but did you know you can also buy his original art too?